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Providing not just a ‘collage’ of your own snaps, but rather an artistic interpretation of the highlights of your life!

Your snaps will get the special treatment from our highly skilled artists. Using their inspiration, sensitivity and care… they’ll create your very own unique piece of art.

Pictures celebrating major achievements, or special occasions. They could be new or even really old photos from past generations. Perhaps they’re safe in an album, in a drawer or even stored on your computer or digital camera.

The skill of our artists will enable them to remove any unwanted elements from your snaps and with careful and convincing ‘air brushing’ techniques, even improve body shapes if you wish!

Each piece of Yaffe Me! Artwork can be created to co-ordinate with the decorative style in which you live. The ability of our artists to incorporate imaginative designs into you artwork will amaze you!

Yaffé Me! Will create a piece of art from your own photos, full of personal emotion, that will bring your precious memories flooding back!

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