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An alternative to original ‘Yaffé Fusion Art’ portraits…

‘Yaffé Lite’ offers a cost effective way to acquire your own stunning portraits, created personally by international celebrity photographer, Paul Yaffé.

Just like Yaffé Fusion Art… ‘Yaffé Lite’ portraits illustrate the exceptional skill of this master photographer, providing you with convincing expressions, great lighting and fine retouching… but without the inclusion of additional images and post production, artistic interpretation… Portraits for the purist.

‘Yaffé Lite’ portraits can be supplied in a variety of ways. For example, simply rolled in a tube… or mounted, laminated and framed.

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The Yaffé Lite ‘Photo-Shoot’ costs only €120

Portraits from the Yaffé Lite range cost from just €99!

Simple on Design – ‘Lite’ on Price

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