‘Looking For The Light’

A range of workshop tutorials by Paul Yaffé … offered on a one to one basis, or to groups of people.

These workshops are designed to suit people who just use their phone to create images, or those who prefer to use traditional cameras. From beginner to professional… everyone will feel comfortable in the learning process, and gain incredibly useful tips to help shoot much better images, every time!

Paul Yaffé has been a professional photographer since 1961, and has spent many years training and judging the work of fellow professionals (check out ‘The Yaffé Story’ page on this website)

Great results in photography are an absolute joy to the people in the pictures, and to the people who shoot the images. Now, with a little help from Paul Yaffé, you too will be able to enjoy the ‘passion of photography!’


“When Paul Yaffe offered me the opportunity of a ‘Master Class’ in photography I instantly accepted.

Paul had taken the most superb picture of my family, and presented it in his inimitable style, so I knew he was someone who’s skills I respected.

I was a little apprehensive about exposing my lack of ability to such a highly capable photographer but Paul was most kind and attentive in our session. He quickly assessed my level of knowledge and helped to substantially improve my abilities at a speed that I could assimilate.

Not only is Paul a true professional in the finer nuances of the operation of a camera but also being artistically talented he skilfully introduced me to some aspects of perspective, convergence and the use of light.

Paul is a true expert in his field but not all experts can teach. Paul’s skills combined with his gentle and congenial nature make him an exceptional and very productive teacher.

I would unhesitatingly recommend anyone who wishes to improve their photographic abilities to seek Paul’s help. You will, quite literally, see the difference”.

Many Thanks         Richard Masters


Having seen Paul Yaffé’s work, over the years, I was amazed to find out that this master in the field of photography actually gave lessons!

Now, some months down the line of having general and specific instructions in photographic techniques, how to handle cameras on location, how to recognize light and image potential, Paul’s lessons have been utterly fascinating and have opening my eyes to a new world!..

A world where it’s not just ‘point and shoot’ … but a world about understanding the camera… its abilities and the opportunities it presents to get that perfect shot.

Paul’s experience and understanding are second to non and for those people who want to meet a photographic challenge, and have it’s road explained perfectly, look no further!

Paul Yaffé is a great and patient teacher, prepared to go that extra distance to help you achieve your goals and photographic aspirations

Many Thanks              Paul B Feather


Dear Paul,
Regarding the Photography Workshop…

I very much enjoyed your photography workshop which I found to be very clear, informative and comprehensive. It was particularly helpful that you regularly checked my understanding of the various points that you were making. Your explanation and demonstrations on using the available light, shade, and surroundings was illuminating and very helpful. I also enjoyed the various stories and examples of your past photographic experience which illustrated the points that you had been making.

Now to put it all into practice!
With Many Thanks
Alan J Pettigrew


Hi Paul,

I really liked my first lessons today with you and I can’t wait for to learn more. You explain it very well for me. Everybody who likes to learn a little bit more for to take photos – not only push a button on Automatic – should come to you.

Thanks         Herta Fritz


So, with Paul Yaffé’s helping hand, along with his easy interpersonal skills, you’ll soon learn how to enjoy creating better pictures, every time!

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