What makes Yaffé Fusion Art Portraits look so great and so unique?

Most photographers work only from a studio environment, and many have a particular style in which they work.  With Yaffé Fusion Art, it’s different… Paul Yaffé works with you, at your own comfort level, at your chosen location and in ‘your’ style.

‘Fusion Art’ portraits, devised by Paul Yaffé in 1999, uniquely combine photographic images, digital enhancement and artistic design work.  Also, when appropriate, these portraits can be embellished with Swarovski ‘sparkles’, gold leaf, metal studs… or other elements suited to the portrait.

What makes someone a successful photographer of people? …  Being able to work with people of all ages and backgrounds and making the photo-shoot enjoyable, is the first step in bringing out the best in people.  This is why expressions in Yaffé Fusion Art portraits look so convincing.

The recognition of light to flatter, and knowing how to make the body look great, all help to make the people in the pictures look their best… These are just some of the essentials, which clients of Paul Yaffé enjoy.

Clients from all over the world understand it’s this special combination of human empathy and photographic skill, when combined with an artistic flair and interpretation, which separates Yaffé Fusion Art from the crowd…  the difference between ‘ordinary’ and ‘exceptional’.

Since devising ‘Fusion Art’ in 1999, his work continues to be enhanced by the interpretation of his photographic images by his skilled artists.  His layered artwork is a combination of thought processes beginning with the client, coming through his camera, and then via the digital artists who enhance and often embellish the work with appropriate design influences.

Many of the works are created to fit into a specific area within a home or office environment… colour and style coordinated, perfectly dovetailed to reflect the way in which each client lives.

Yaffé Fusion Art

Creating special images that celebrate life, love and family.

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