The Paul Yaffé Story…

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So, who is the creative influence behind Yaffé Fusion Art?…


Paul Yaffé began taking pictures of people when he was just fifteen… that was back in in 1961… Now, he’s recognised as being one of the world’s most influential photographers, creating portraits today.

Reflecting this at the turn of the millennium, the Master Photographers Association named Paul Yaffé as ‘The 20th Century Great’. In their article they comment, ‘Through his leadership and example, Yaffé inspires the production of great and artistic images of people. His standing in the UK and the rest of Europe is sky high. Yaffé is the standard by which other photographers are measured.’

When he was 27, he became the youngest man to gain the highest distinctions within the profession of photography… A Fellow of the British Institute of Professional Photography. A Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society. A Fellow of the Master Photographers Association. And an Honorary PFF(N) Today, he continues to be at the cutting edge of this fascinating craft, and has a passion for his art which is reflected in his team, and continues to grow day by day.

Whilst the name Yaffé has in fact been synonymous with the photography of people for almost ninety years… (His late father began his own career in the 1930’s) Paul Yaffé is todays driving force. He is a ‘second generation’ photographer of people, having branched out from the family business after only a couple of years there. And now his son Adam, based in the UK, is the ‘third generation’ portrait photographer. “So it ‘runs in the blood’… although we’ve each done our own thing” says Paul.

Since 1967, Paul Yaffé spent much of his working life based in the UK, but travelling throughout Europe and many part of the world, on portrait assignments and guest lectures. Such lectures have been at the request of famous manufacturers, such as Kodak, Hasselblad, Nikon and Mutiblitz Plus, requests from many International photographic associations, worldwide.

He has also served on many adjudicating panels, judging the work of professional photographers. This experience culminated in him becoming the overall Chairman of Admissions and Qualifications Board of the British Institute of Professional Photography, and also Kodak’s ‘Gold Awards’ program.

After running Europe’s largest independent portrait photography business for many years… he now lives in Southern Spain, where back in 1999 he opened ‘Yaffé Fusion Art’. It’s here, on the Costa del Sol, where he concentrates his working life, enjoying being creative with an International clientele, and working in a beautiful climate.

“I love the light down here” says Paul… “The relaxed atmosphere puts everyone at ease. And as one of my International clients, from a very ‘cold’ country once said to me… ‘When I open my curtains in the morning… I realise I am living in paradise’”

His work hinges on the philosophy of photographing people in a way, which illustrates their individuality.  People pictured informally, or formally…people enjoying life … with family… dogs… horses… cars… boats… In fact with anything which represents the way in which they live now, and how they’d like to remember this time in the future.

“My aim, say’s Paul, is to create convincing images of loved ones, that pull at your heart strings and touch your soul”…
“It’s a privileged responsibility for me to spend time with people, and to capture something which will help them remember in the future, the things they love about their family today”

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