What happens now is really easy… as Paul Yaffé likes to have a ‘hands on’ approach throughout. So, even from the initial telephone enquiry, Paul prefers to be accessible and to answer your questions himself, whenever possible. Famous he may be… approachable and friendly he certainly is! In fact that’s one of the most important qualities, a portrait photographer can have.

What to wear? Best time of day? How to prepare the children? Where to shoot the session? Everyone has their own special set of questions. Paul Yaffé has an interest in what’s important to you… nothing is going to phase him, and you’ll soon discover one of the most important reasons which make his work so special… many years of experience.

Most of Paul Yaffé’s photo-shoots take place in the homes of his clients, both inside and outside. This environmental aspect of Yaffé Fusion Art portraits is very individual. Of course there are occasions where a ‘studio’ set up is more appropriate… and for total convenience this can also be done in your home, or alternative location.

Furthermore, locations appropriate to the content of the portrait, or the interest of the client, may be very important to use in your session… Stables, Race Tracks, Harbours, Beaches, Offices etc… Every session is approached differently depending upon the people involved.

You’ll find your Yaffé portrait session will be really enjoyable, and an experience in itself. You’ll be surprised how time flashes by, and interestingly how much you’ll discover about the creation of special images…

Of course…we all have our own camera’s, and often call ourselves photographers… In the same way that we all perhaps have a football, or a kitchen, or a car and can call ourselves footballers, chefs or great drivers… But there’s a big difference between someone who owns a great piece of equipment and someone who really knows how to use it… and importantly knows how to perform on an interpersonal level too.

“It’s not the camera which matters… it’s knowing what to do with it… How to find the light… how to find the emotion and how to draw the best out of people”… A skill you’ll immediately recognise in Paul Yaffé, and from which you’ll pick up valuable tips, which will interestingly help with your own daily snaps and picture taking… in the future too!

Next comes the selection process…

Normally a day or so after the photo-shoot, comes your exciting ‘Preview Show’! Paul will again visit you at home, with a great selection of images from your session. At this time, he’ll offer to comment and help with your decision making, and if you wish, make appropriate suggestions on the ‘Fusion Art’ aspect of your portraits.

The style of your portraits depends on your views, and how you wish to use your portraits decoratively. From our fairy tale fantasy style, known as ‘Captured Dreams’… to clean, sharp and minimal images. From wild and funky, to deep and moody. From single images, to Diptychs, Triptychs and Suites of images… Every client is different, and at Yaffé Fusion Art… we listen to our clients.

Knowing where the portrait will hang, will help decide on the appropriate size and styling for the finished piece of work. Here, Paul will be on hand to help with ideas for large wall areas, small wall areas, or even albums or gifts for relatives.

Continuing his personal ‘start to finish’ involvement, a few weeks after making your choices, and working closely with his production artists comes the exciting part! Paul Yaffe, whenever possible, will delivers your finished portraits to you himself.

Call us today to request your Yaffé Fusion Art brochure, information leaflet and full price list.. This important information is in three languages… English, Spanish & Russian

* Nuestro folleto y lista de precios es en tres idiomas … español, ingles y ruso.

* Наши брошюры и прайс-лист на трех языках … Английском, испанском и русском языках.

You’ll find the pleasure from your Yaffé Fusion Art portrait will continue to be enjoyed…many years after the price of your investment has been forgotten.

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